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Nely Castro

Nely Castro - Health Insurance Specialist

When I want to order food, I'd rather call a mom-and-pop restaurant that will put in the effort to get my order right. When I want to schedule an oil change, I'd rather call the small business that will handle my call right away rather than being put through an automated system. 


When you are in need of health insurance, trust me Nely Castro, your local Health Insurance Advisor to professionally guide and assist you. Using a specialist to assist you is a smart move, using a specialist at no cost to you makes it an even smarter move! 


As a small business owner of an auto detailing company, a wife, and a mother of two girls, I know first-hand the importance of time management, something I also learned when going to college for my Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management. Let me save you the time and hassle by providing a seamless experience in obtaining the right health insurance plan for you! 


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