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Health Insurance & Medicare Advisors

The Helen Jean Insurance Agency and our leadership team has successfully met the insurance needs of our clients for the better part of 14 years. Our dedicated agents specialize in everything Health Insurance. We pride ourselves in being your go-to agency for all of your health insurance needs. 

YOUR Local Health Insurance Resource Center

Individual / Family Insurance

Find affordable health care for you and your family. We make sure you can keep your doctors, help with your prescription drug costs and we assist with qualifying for subsidies/discounts from the federal government. 

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Parts A and B (also called "Original Medicare") cover some healthcare costs but they don’t pay for everything. Medicare supplement insurance plans, also called "Medigap" are offered by private insurers. They are made to work together with your Original Medicare coverage to help reduce or eliminate your costs.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are designed to give you more for your Medicare dollar, offering benefits and services beyond Original Medicare. Most Medicare Advantage plans include coverage for prescription drugs.

Prescription Drug Plans

Original Medicare Parts A and B doesn't include prescription drug coverage. A Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) plan can help cover the costs of your medication.

Short Term Medical Plans

Short term medical plans allow you to obtain coverage for a specific period of time. These policies are perfect for the individual looking to have something in place just in case something happens before getting different coverage such as group insurance from an employer or Medicare. 

Currently offering plans from:

Why Choose Us

Helen Jean is the health insurance agency for you. As an 'independent agency,' we are able to offer unbiased advice by contracting with most of the major insurance carriers. Early in our process, we take the time to get to know you and your individual needs. After completing a thorough needs analysis, including but not limited to assessing your doctors and the networks they belong to, current prescriptions, and whether you need local or national coverage, we will narrow down the plans to the one that best suits your needs. Our services are always at no cost to you, and you will never be pressured into making a decision.

5 Star

Our clients are so happy with our services they have went out of their way to give us only 5 star ratings. We promise to provide you with the same attention and quality service

One Stop 

We are a brokerage and Health Insurance specialists. Not only do we contract with most of the major insurance carriers, we also provide multiple Health Insurance products. So no matter the company or the Health Insurance product you need, we are able and happy to assist.

Proven Track Record

The Helen Jean Insurance Agency and our leadership team has successfully met the insurance needs of our clients for the better part of 14 years. We have enrolled and/or assisted thousands of individuals with their health insurance needs.

A Health Insurance Agency that's here for YOU!

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Eric is helpful, knowledgable and provides very clear answers to my questions. Medicare can be confusing and Eric is able to translate the govermental lingo into everyday language! I feel super confident in his advice!


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